AGM Separator For High Power Battery

High-power batteries meet the requirements for rechargeable batteries, which include storing large amounts of energy, releasing energy quickly, being able to charge and discharge repeatedly for hundreds of times, maintaining power for a long time, and operating in a wide range of temperatures. High-power batteries are currently being rapidly developed for applications that require high power and large current discharge, such as data centers, UPS power systems, backup power sources for high-precision devices, emergency lighting systems, and navigation beacons. They have an energy density that is over 30% higher than that of ordinary batteries, a product design life of about 10 years, convenient maintenance, and maintenance costs that can be saved by 20% compared to ordinary batteries. They are also safe and reliable, with an annual failure rate of less than 0.1‰.

Our company has developed AGM separators for high-power batteries, focusing on reducing separator resistance to reduce battery internal resistance and voltage drop, optimizing the ratio and direction of micro-pores and normal-sized pores to ensure efficient transmission of electrolyte and electrochemical reaction, and improving separator acid resistance to ensure normal operation of the battery in harsh environments.

Thickness tolerance(mm)±5%Basic weight(g/㎡mm)155±5%(20Kpa)Strength(KN/m)≥0.42d
Max pore diameter(μm)≤24Acid wicking g/g9.5-13.0(0Kpa)Resistance(Ωd㎡/mm)≤0.0003
Porosity(%)≥92Climb acid height≥80(mm/5min)
Water content(%)≤0.5Acid loss weight(%)≤3.0Climb acid height≥680(mm/24h)
Iron(%)≤0.003Chlorine(%)≤0.003Loss ignition(%)≤1.0