AGM Separator For Start-Stop Vehicles Battery

Most fuel-powered cars are equipped with a start-stop system, which is mainly used in urban traffic situations while waiting for traffic lights or during gridlock. This system automatically controls the engine's shutdown and restart to minimize fuel consumption and emissions generated during idling. The start-stop system requires a high-performance battery to support the engine's startup and other electrical equipment in the vehicle.

The start-stop battery has a larger capacity than ordinary batteries to better adapt to frequent starts and stops. It can quickly start the vehicle due to its powerful starting current and fast charging and discharging performance. Additionally, it has strong adaptability and reliability, allowing it to work in harsh environments such as different temperatures, humidity, and pressure while maintaining good performance.

Our company has specifically developed AGM separators for start-stop batteries that have the following characteristics:

High porosity: The AGM separator has a high porosity, which enables it to accommodate more electrolyte and provide enough ion channel,ensuring the battery's high performance.

Excellent moisture retention ability: The ability to maintain water balance within the battery is crucial to its performance and lifespan.

Good mechanical strength: The separator can withstand mechanical stress and gas pressure inside the battery while meeting assembly requirements.

Good chemical stability: The separator can adapt to the complex chemical environment inside the battery, maintaining stable performance.

Low internal resistance: This helps reduce energy losses within the battery, improving overall performance.

Our company's start-stop battery AGM separator product was awarded the honor of "China's Scientific and Technological Excellent Innovation & Invention Achievements" in 2020. Our company is the only enterprise in China that exports start-stop battery AGM separators overseas to Germany, Italy, South Korea, India, Mexico, and etc.