AGM Separator For Energy Storage Battery

In the context of the global push to achieve carbon neutrality, China is actively promoting new energy power systems such as wind power and photovoltaic power generation, striving to build a clean, low-carbon, safe, and efficient energy system. This has led to the rapid development of energy storage technologies. Among them, battery energy storage is the most efficient storage method. Lead-acid batteries, as an important branch of energy storage technology, have the advantages of large power density, long cycle life, mature technology, and significant cost advantage. They are widely used in various large and medium-sized photovoltaic/wind power stations and communication base stations and other energy storage systems.

Energy storage batteries require the following characteristics to meet various application scenarios: 1. A wide temperature range for operation, typically from -30°C to 60°C; 2. Excellent low-temperature performance, function ensured even in cold environments; 3. High capacity consistency, regardless of whether they are used in series or parallel; 4. Good charging acceptance, with strong charging acceptance in unstable charging environments; 5. Strong resistance to dendrite penetration, avoiding internal short circuits that may occur during long-term use of the battery.6. Long service life, with strong cycle recovery ability and no acid layering to reduce maintenance costs and overall system investment.

Our company's energy storage batteries are specifically developed for AGM separators, with excellent characteristics such as good thickness uniformity, large compression absorption capacity, high strength, suitable pore size, high porosity, and small self-discharge. These characteristics fully meet the application requirements of energy storage batteries.

Thickness tolerance(mm)±5%Basic weight(g/㎡mm)150±5%(20Kpa)Strength(KN/m)≥0.35d
Max pore diameter(μm)≤22Acid wicking g/g≥9.5(50Kpa)Resistance(Ωd㎡/mm)≤0.00055
Porosity(%)≥90Climb acid height≥75(mm/5min)
Water content(%)≤0.5Acid loss weight(%)≤3.0Climb acid height≥680(mm/24h)
Iron(%)≤0.003Chlorine(%)≤0.003Loss ignition(%)≤1.0