AGM Separator For Traction Battery

Traction batteries are used as power sources for electric vehicles and material handling equipment, mainly including locomotives, electric forklifts, automatic navigation traction power supplies, golf carts, etc. Their characteristic is to provide large current for a long period of time. The AGM separator produced by our company for traction batteries has small pore size, excellent rebound ability, low impurity content, strong mechanical strength, and excellent antioxidant capacity. These characteristics prevent active materials from peeling off the plates, reduce self-discharge, and prevent damage to the separator caused by handling, operation, assembly, and friction.

Thickness tolerance(mm)±5%Basic weight(g/㎡mm)160±5%(20Kpa)Strength(KN/m)≥0.42d
Max pore diameter(μm)≤22Acid wicking g/g≥5.5(50Kpa)Resistance(Ωd㎡/mm)≤0.0003
Porosity(%)≥92Climb acid height≥80(mm/5min)
Water content(%)≤0.5Acid loss weight(%)≤3.0Climb acid height≥680(mm/24h)
Iron(%)≤0.003Chlorine(%)≤0.003Loss ignition(%)3-6.5