Corporate culture and activity photos

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Enterprise spirit: unremitting self-improvement, moral commitment

Enterprise style: Quick response, immediate action

Core corporate philosophy

Survival concept: Only continuous innovation, in order to build a sustainable industry

Business philosophy: Gather the world's talents, create great achievements

Brand concept: Make the brand, achieve the future of the enterprise

Growth concept: Pursue diligently, learn endlessly, do learning growth enterprises

Organizational philosophy: The interests of the organization are above all else

Employment philosophy: integrity and talent, cultural matching

Corporate Values:

Entrepreneurial spirit, innovation ability, to create value for customers

Customers: Let customers have the feeling of first love every day!

Employees: The heart of the achievement of employees will never change!

Career: Achievement of sentient beings, achievement of dreams!

Loyalty: Loyalty, loyalty to the company!

Team: One heart, win-win world!

Gratitude: dripping water know you, Yongquan phase report!

Innovation: the unceasing pursuit!

Service: careful service, fine service!


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